Accuracy of routing algorithms for wireless mesh networks

Art der Arbeit: Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit, Studienarbeit, Diplomarbeit (der Umfang wird entsprechend angepasst)

Fachlicher Hintergrund / problem:

There are several hundreds of routing algorithms described in scientific publications. A few of them have been implemented and are available for use. All routing algorithms depend on a routing function. A typical routing function takes several quality parameters into account. Any choice of parameters cannot fully reflect the network quality as experienced by users. Causes are for instance unpredictable user actions, unclear user requirements, and a too complex environment with external influences. This is especially relevant in a wireless network.

It is a challenge to find a routing algorithm, which models the reality in a way that results in the best user experience. Unfortunately there are other factors to be considered when choosing a routing protocol, such as overhead of the routing algorithm, its complexity, and convergence speed.

On the other hand there are two routing algorithms in wireless mesh networks that are used in 90 per cent of installations. One of them is the ETX routing algorithm used in the Optimized Link State Routing protocol (OLSR).

Aufgabenbeschreibung / tasks:

The relation between routing configuration and user experience shall be researched in an empirical study. For this purpose, several data describing the routing configuration and the quality of service available at a user’s station have been collected over a longer period of time.

  • Analyzing the state of science in the area of routing protocols for mesh networks.
  • Putting of scientific hypotheses to form a conceptual framework.
  • Familiarizing with available data and their meaning.
  • Evaluating suitable methods for this empirical study.
  • Evaluation.

Literatur / literature:

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Betreuer / supervisors: Dr. Thomas Mundt und Till Wollenberg

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