Dr.-Ing. Andreas Dähn

Office:Albert-Einstein-Straße 22
Postal address
Phone:+49 (0)381 498 7508
Consultation hours:any time, please contact me by e-mail in advance 

Curriculum Vitae

2011 ‚Äď 2014 PhD student
2005 ‚Äď 2011Studies of Computer Science at University of Rostock 

Research Areas and Interest

  • Title: Network Neutrality: Computer science and Law of traffic differentiation. 
    This project researches methods prooving violations of network neutrality as well as possible legislative reactions on the phenomemon of traffic differentiation within German law. 
    From a Computer scientists view, prooving a network neutrality violation beyond reasonable doubt is a difficult task as a neutrality violation can have the same sympthoms as a network congestion. From a Law scientists view, network neutrality is a quite new topic, currently there is no regulation allowing discrimination or demanding neutrality. 
    In this project possible regulations shall be discussed and techniques needed to enforce them shall be developed. 

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