Dipl.-Inf. Till Wollenberg

Office:Albert-Einstein-Str. 21
Room 205
Postal address
Phone:+49 (0)381 498 7507
Consultation hours:Please contact me by e-mail.

Present Position

I am a research assistant in the Research Group on Information and Communication Services. My research is on wireless networks (esp. MAC and PHY layer) with emphasis on emprirical modelling. Clemens Cap is my supervisor.

As of 2016, I am part of VestiFi, a startup that helps to solve WLAN problems in corporate environments by using an innovative sensor device.

I started my PhD as scholarship holder in the research training group ("Graduiertenkolleg") MuSAMA (Multimodal Smart Appliance ensembles for Mobile Applications) which is funded by the DFG (German National Research Foundation).

Curriculum Vitae

01/2016 – nowPhD student, member of VestiFi team
02/2014 – 12/2015PhD student, member of WaveHopper project team
06/2013 – 01/2014PhD student, member of MathePitorium project team
03/2010 ‒ 05/2013PhD student in research training group MuSAMA
02/2010Received "Diplom" (with honors) in computer science
(equivalent to M.Sc. grade)
10/2004 ‒ 02/2010Studies of computer science at University of Rostock

Research Areas and Interest

  • Wireless networks (routing, QoS, security, physical layer)
  • Network protocols
  • Communication systems in general
  • System-level software development




  • Till Wollenberg, Andreas Dähn: Empirical Study on Local Similarity of
    Spectrum Occupancy in the 2.4 GHz ISM Band
    . Accepted for publication in: Proceedings of 6th International Workshop on Multiple Access Communications (MACOM), 2013.
  • Steffen Hadlak, Heidrun Schumann, Clemens H. Cap, Till Wollenberg: Supporting the Visual Analysis of Dynamic Networks by Clustering associated Temporal Attributes. Accepted for publication in: Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), 2013.
    (PDF) (see also Steffen's website)
  • Till Wollenberg: Performance Measurement Study in a Wireless OLSR-ETX Mesh Network. IFIP Wireless Days. Dublin, Ireland. November 2012.
  • Thomas Mundt, Frank KrĂĽger, Till Wollenberg: Who refuses to wash hands? Privacy issues in modern house installation networks. 7th International IEEE Conference on Broadband and Wireless Computing, Communication and Appliacations. Victoria, Canada. November 2012.
  • Till Wollenberg, Sebastian Bader, Andreas Ahrens: Measuring channel occupancy for 802.11 wireless LAN in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. The 15th ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems, MSWiM '12, Paphos, Cyprus, October 2012.
  • Till Wollenberg: Estimation of Expectable Network Quality in Wireless Mesh Networks. International IFIP TC 6 Workshop Computing in Networks held at NETWORKING 2012, Prague, Czech Republic, May 2012.
  • Till Wollenberg, Thomas Mundt: Proof of Proximity with 802.11 Wireless LAN. Proceedings of the International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks 2011 (SoftCOM 2011), Hvar, Croatia, September 2011.
  • Till Wollenberg, Thomas Mundt: Applicability of Recurring Patterns in Interference for Route Optimization in Mesh Networks. Third Baltic Conference "Advanced Topics in Telecommuniation", Tartu, Estonia, August 2009.
    (PDF) (Citation) (Conference)
  • Till Wollenberg, Thomas Mundt: Prediction of interference conditions in an ad hoc network. 1st IEEE Workshop on Hot Topics in Mesh Networking (HotMESH) at IEEE WOWMOM, Kos, Greece, June 2009.
    (PDF) (Citation) (Conference)
  • Till Wollenberg, Thomas Mundt: Interference aware route optimization with predicted network conditions. The 7th Annual Conference on Communication Networks and Services Research (IEEE ACM CNSR2009), Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, May 2009.
    (PDF) (Citation) (Conference)

Published software

I publish some of the tools that I create during my PhD under an open source license at GitHub.

  • 80211ping – Small Linux command-line tool to "ping" 802.11 devices using NULL data frames.

Published datasets

  • Network quality measurements – Raw data from a measurement campaign in a real-world wireless mesh network. The goal was to assess the relationship between routing metric (ETX, OLSR-LQ) and network quality (TCP throughput, packet loss, latency, jitter).


My PGP key ID is 0x66854D7F, the corresponding fingerprint is 697D C7C3 8008 5813 299A 3597 EEE3 4425 6685 4D7F.